Lower Floor

Lasting Noise has 4 fully independent recording rooms that are visually communicated with each other, as well as a large control room. Thanks to the acoustic design of the engineer Jesus Velasco we have every corner sounding special.

Planta Inferior Sala del piano Sala de amplis Sala de voces Image Map Sala de grabación principal Sala de control

Upper Floor

A wide photo and video studio, a lounge with pool table and air hockey, reception, kitchen, smokers corner...

Planta Superior


Assorted microphones for every situation, preamps, compressors, plugins, effects and a lot of things you cannot imagine, to ensure thorough versatility.



  • AKG C 214
  • AKG D 112
  • AKG C 391 x2
  • AudioTechnica ATM 350
  • Audix D6 x2
  • Audix D2 x2
  • Audix D4
  • Audix i5
  • Audix ADX 51 x2
  • Audix ADX 20
  • Audix CX112 x2
  • Beyerdynamic M160 (ribbon)
  • Neumann KM184 x2
  • Neumann u47 (tube - clone)
  • Neumann u87 (clone)
  • Cascade X-15 (stereo - ribbon)
  • Cascade Knucklehead (ribbon)
  • Shure Sm 7
  • Shure Sm 57 x 2
  • Shure Sm 57 (Modded)
  • Shure Sm 58
  • Shure Beta 57
  • Shure Beta 52
  • Shure Beta 98 x2
  • Sennheiser MD 421
  • Sennheiser e906

  • Sennheiser e 604 x6
  • Sennheiser e 904 x2
  • Sennheiser e 902
  • Karma Bullet x7


  • TL Audio VTC 32 Ch. all tubes
  • Warm Audio TB12
  • GoldenAgeProject Pre73
  • RME Quad Mic
  • RME Octamic
  • Teletronix LA2A
  • IGS 1176 Dual
  • BSS DPR-402
  • BSS AR-133 x4
  • Radial JD7


  • Yamaha NS-10
  • Amp. Yamaha A100a
  • Quested S7R
  • Subwoofer Focal CMS


A huge backline assortment available for your recordings. A full set of drums with different sizes, snares and cymbals to choose from, and an assortment of different guitar/bass amplifiers and cabinets to get that sound in your head.


Guitar Gear


  • Peavey XXX
  • Marshall JCM2000
  • Fender Concert
  • Vox AC30 Head
  • Power Amplifier Marshall 9000 50/50


  • Elmwood 2x12 Oversize (Celestion v30)
  • Marshall JCM800 4x12 (Celestion G12-65)
  • Harley Benton 4x12 (Celestion V30)
  • Laney 4x12 (Celestion Rocket 50)
  • Peavey XXL 4x12 (Blue Marvel)

Bass Guitar Gear

  • Amplifier - SWR 750X
  • Cabinet - SWR Triad (15” + 10” + Tweeter)


Yamaha Stage Custom

  • Kick drums 20” y 22”
  • Toms 10", 12", 13", 14" y 16"


  • Snare SantaFe Bubinga Custom 14” x 8”
  • Snare Premier Aviation Hurricane Oak/Birch 14” x 5,75”
  • Snare Mapex Black Panther Maple 13” x 6”
  • Snare Yamaha Steel 14” x 5,5”
  • Snare DW Acrylic14” x 5,5”
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Lasting Noise Recording Studio, making lasting music. Hear the difference.

Lasting Noise was born in the early 2012 with great enthusiasm and limited resources, starting with very precarious recordings in rehearsal rooms. After many albums, insufficient vacations and some divorces, we’ve been growing up step by step. Located in south Madrid, Lasting Noise is a recording studio that leaves nobody indifferent, by size, quality and dedication.

Our working philosophy is to surpass your expectations and demonstrate why you will want to come back in the future.

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We are at your disposal, by email, phone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, ordinary mail, carrier pigeon... Come to meet us, know our work, know our facilities and convince yourself why to choose Lasting Noise.

+34 607 395 443 


Recording, editing, mixing, re-amplification, mastering, musical production, pre-production, post-production, composition, arrangements, coaching, voice over, musicians ... At Lasting Noise we are very skilled and we are capable to do lot of things. Tell us what you need and we'll see how to make it possible.


At Lasting Noise we bet on you. Tell us your project and budget and we will try to fit our way of work to your needs or economic possibilities. Our rates are:

25 € / hour
(35€/hour the first 2 hours each day)
220 € / day
(8 effective hours at least)

Don't hesitate to consult us if you need some help or an estimation. *VAT not included

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In our years of experience we have worked with so many different artists and we’ve recorded practically all kind of music. If you don’t find what you expect, just ask us, you may be surprised.

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